Corporate Formation and Housekeeping Toolkit

Core resources to assist in forming, maintaining, and dissolving corporate entities. For a comprehensive list of other available resources on this topic, visit the "Corporations" practice area.

Practical Law Corporate & Securities

Forming a corporation and maintaining its books and records may seem like simple tasks at first. However, seemingly straightforward formation and drafting decisions can have far-reaching consequences. For example, the governing documents of a corporation can have a significant effect on directors' exposure to liability and on the relationship between equity holders.

When forming a corporation, incorporators also need to consider, among other things:

  • The appropriate state for incorporation.

  • What formalities need to be observed and what filings are required, including the payment of filing fees and taxes.

  • Whether any foreign qualifications are required.

Maintaining corporate status after formation calls for careful attention to reporting and filing requirements in the chosen state, as well as certain actions required by state law, including annual meetings and proper record-keeping.

The Corporate Formation and Housekeeping Toolkit provides a number of continuously maintained resources to help counsel manage the formation, maintenance and dissolution of corporations, particularly in Delaware or New York.


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Standard Documents and Clauses




State Q&A

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