Corporate Secretary Center

An extensive collection of Practical Law resources for in-house lawyers and corporate secretaries to use when forming, maintaining, and dissolving corporations and limited liability companies, including forms of certificates of incorporation and formation; bylaws; secretary certificates; board, manager, committee, shareholder, and member resolutions; and other corporate housekeeping documentation. Also includes general corporate governance resources and guidance materials for use in briefing boards of directors.

Practical Law

In-house lawyers and corporate secretaries frequently must:

  • Form, maintain, and dissolve corporations and limited liability companies.

  • Perform routine and extraordinary corporate housekeeping actions.

  • Advise or brief the board of directors on various corporate governance issues.

The Corporate Secretary Center is an extensive collection of Practical Law resources that can be used by in-house counsel and corporate secretaries when performing these functions. These Standard Documents, Standard Clauses, Practice Notes, and other resources are organized as follows:


General Corporate Governance Resources


Company Formation, Dissolution, and Other Housekeeping


Limited Liability Companies

Other Housekeeping


Board, Manager, and Committee Resolutions


Secretary's Certificates


Board Charters and Policies


Guidance for Advising the Board and Board Committees


Shareholder and Member Resolutions

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