Foreign Private Issuers Toolkit

Resources to assist foreign private issuers (FPIs) and their counsel in conducting capital raising activities in the US and, for SEC-reporting FPIs, complying with periodic and annual reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act.

Practical Law Corporate & Securities

US securities laws provide non-US companies that meet the definition of foreign private issuer ( (FPI) with accommodations that make it easier for FPIs to access the US public and private capital markets. The rules applicable to FPIs are less onerous than the rules applicable to domestic issuers. In particular, FPIs can benefit from the following:

This Toolkit includes links to resources specific to FPIs and their counsel for navigating the legal framework and certain practical considerations in conducting capital raising activities in the US and, for SEC-reporting FPIs, complying with periodic and annual reporting requirements of the Exchange Act. These resources should be used in connection with all other materials available in the Capital Markets & Corporate Governance practice area.


Practice Notes


Standard Documents






Articles and Legal Updates

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