Employee Hiring and Orientation Toolkit

Resources to assist an employer in recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding employees.

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While employers can never completely eliminate the risks associated with the employment relationship, they can dramatically reduce their potential exposure by tightening up their employee on-boarding practices. Key areas of exposure include:

  • Discrimination and retaliation claims.

  • Theft of trade secrets and confidential information.

  • Immigration audits and fines.

  • Wage and hour class actions.

In the face of these risks, robust hiring practices and more rigorous compliance processes at the beginning of the employment relationship can help:

  • Minimize exposure to discrimination claims by appropriately handling candidate:

    • background checks;

    • job interviews; and

    • employment applications.

  • Preserve an employer's competitive advantage by creating enforceable agreements that:

  • Avoid regulatory sanctions and class actions from the start of any employment relationship by complying with:

    • immigration;

    • wage and hour; and

    • employee classification requirements.

The Employee Hiring and Orientation Toolkit provides a number of continuously maintained resources designed to assist an employer in recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees.

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