Conducting Internal Investigations: Addressing Employee Complaints and Compliance Issues Toolkit

Resources to help counsel and employers prepare for and conduct an effective internal investigation. Specifically, this Toolkit contains resources that address investigations based on employee complaints for discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, and compliance issues relating to health and safety law.

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Today's increasingly complex and aggressive regulatory environment means that companies must know how to properly respond to allegations of wrongdoing. This Toolkit contains numerous resources designed to help counsel prepare for and conduct an effective internal investigation relating to:

  • Employee complaints for discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour violations.

  • Health and safety law compliance problems.

An effective internal investigation may provide enough information to enable a company to assess its potential exposure and make strategic decisions to mitigate its losses. The company may be able to stop any improper conduct from continuing, and may have a solid basis for taking disciplinary action against those responsible for the wrongdoing.

However, conducting an internal investigation also involves various potential risks. Companies must be prepared to handle a wide variety of issues, such as:

  • Who should conduct an internal investigation.

  • Determining the appropriate actions in response to an investigation.

  • Determining the proper scope of the investigation.

  • When to conduct an internal investigation.

  • How to collect information during an investigation.

  • Whether to enter into a joint defense agreement ( .


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