Litigation Hold Toolkit

Resources to help counsel preserve documents and implement a litigation hold (also known as a legal hold, document hold, hold order, or preservation order).

Practical Law Litigation

When a company anticipates or becomes a party to litigation, an investigation, or an audit, it must suspend routine document deletion and issue a litigation hold ( to preserve all relevant information. The litigation hold notice should:

  • Require the organization and its employees to immediately suspend the routine destruction in the ordinary course of business of relevant hard copy (paper) and electronic data, including e-mails, voicemails, text messages, and social media content.

  • Require the preservation of, and prevent modifications to, all relevant hard copy documents and electronic data within the employees' control.

The failure to timely issue a litigation hold notice can subject a company to severe sanctions, such as monetary penalties, adverse inference jury instructions, default judgment, or dismissal.

This Toolkit includes continually maintained resources designed to help counsel effectively preserve information.


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