In-House Compliance Center

A selection of Toolkits and other resources to help in-house lawyers design and implement regulatory and other legal compliance programs covering a wide range of legal requirements, including corporate governance, securities, antitrust, labor and employment, privacy and data security, and bribery and corruption.

Practical Law

In-house lawyers face an increasing focus on compliance and risk management. They are often tasked with advising the Board of Directors and members of senior management on regulatory and other legal compliance matters, as well as with designing compliance programs for management and other company employees and contractors.

The In-House Compliance Center is a collection of Practical Law resources covering a wide range of compliance-related topics. The resources for developing compliance programs focus on the steps to take and issues to consider when developing and implementing compliance programs. Each topic-specific Toolkit includes a selection of continuously maintained Practical Law resources (including Practice Notes, Standard Documents, and Checklists) that in-house counsel can use to understand the applicable legal framework and create materials that comply with applicable law.


Resources for Developing Compliance Programs


Topic-Specific Toolkits

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