In-House Training and Guidance Center

A collection of business briefings, memoranda, and presentation materials that in-house counsel can use to train or advise the company's board of directors, business management, or other employees (including junior or non-specialist in-house lawyers). It covers a wide range of topics, including contract negotiations, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, attorney-client privilege and work product protection, board guidance for a newly public company, antitrust compliance training, and insider trading issues.

Practical Law

In-house lawyers are frequently asked to advise or brief the board of directors, senior management, or other company employees on various issues related to legal compliance or risk management. The In-House Training and Guidance Center is a collection of Practical Law resources that in-house attorneys can use to prepare customized materials for distribution or presentation in training sessions, board meetings, and other management or employee briefings.

The resources in the In-House Training and Guidance Center cover a broad range of topics and include:

Users can customize each downloaded file to reflect individual company, industry, and other relevant business factors.


Business Briefings




Presentation Materials

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