In-House Generalist Resource Center

A selection of Toolkits and project-oriented Checklists covering many key issues and legal matters in-house counsel commonly handle. Topics include antitrust compliance, attorney-client privilege and work product, Internet and email risk, brand protection, insurance coverage, office leasing, joint ventures, confidentiality, supply of goods and services, privacy and data security, employee benefits, general contract clauses and forms, employee hiring and departures, corporate formation and housekeeping, and preventing and managing litigation.

Practical Law

In-house generalists often must advise clients and handle matters across a broad range of practice areas and topics, including some in which they have limited or no expertise or experience. In-house specialists are sometimes also asked to advise on or handle matters in areas outside their core expertise and practice experience.

The In-House Generalist Resource Center is a collection of Practical Law Toolkits and selected Checklists covering many matters and issues that in-house lawyers commonly address. Each Toolkit (see Toolkits for the In-House Generalist) includes a selection of continuously maintained Practical Law resources (including Practice Notes, Standard Documents, and Checklists) that in-house counsel can use to learn about or refresh their knowledge of the relevant legal issues, and to review, draft, and negotiate key agreements and other documents. The Checklist collection (see Checklists for the In-House Generalist) focuses on the steps to take and issues to consider when handling many types of projects and matters commonly encountered by in-house attorneys.


Toolkits for the In-House Generalist


Checklists for the In-House Generalist

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