Document Requests and Subpoenas in Federal Court Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel with document requests and subpoenas in federal civil litigation. Specifically, this Toolkit offers resources related to drafting, serving, and responding to document requests and subpoenas under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 34 and 45.

Practical Law Litigation

Electronic and paper documents and information are critical to a case as they generally are the only contemporaneous evidence relating to a dispute. Counsel must carefully craft requests for documents and information so that the requests seek information relevant to any party's claims or defenses in proportion to the needs of the case. In addition, counsel also must respond to an opponent's requests fully and reasonably, while preserving their objections to disclosure.

This Document Requests and Subpoenas in Federal Court Toolkit offers resources that provide guidance on how to:

  • Draft document requests and subpoenas.

  • Serve document requests, subpoenas, and responses.

  • Respond and object to document requests and subpoenas.

For resources that provide guidance on reviewing and producing documents, see Document Review and Production in Federal Court Toolkit ( . For resources on e-discovery, see E-Discovery Toolkit ( .


Practice Notes


Standard Documents





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