Cross-border Lending and Investing Toolkit

A collection of resources to assist investors and their counsel in identifying, managing or resolving key legal issues and risks when lending or investing abroad.

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Investing abroad, whether as a lender or an equityholder, presents a great opportunity for US investors. Depending on the nature of the investment, they may:

  • Earn a higher return on their investments.

  • Establish a new market for their services and products.

  • Become a leader in a new market.

  • Develop relationships with new counterparties.

These investments are not without risk, however. When investing abroad, US investors must consider several issues, including:

  • Whether the agreements documenting their investments will be given effect in the foreign jurisdiction.

  • How to protect their investments from governmental actions that may undermine their interests, including expropriation ( or regulatory takings.

  • Any local law requirements that may impose limits on their investments. For example, regulations regarding:

    • the scope and extent of their ownership interest in the investment;

    • for secured transactions, their ability to obtain a security interest in the borrower's assets in the jurisdiction; and

    • their ability to convert the local currency into US dollars or to remit funds abroad.

  • Social and political issues in the jurisdiction that may adversely affect their investment.

  • US legal requirements that affect or regulate their activities abroad including anti-corruption, bribery and anti-money laundering requirements.

  • Any licensing, filing and registration requirements.

Practical Law has published several resources to assist US investors and their counsel when investing or lending abroad, including resources on:

  • Identifying and managing political and security risks.

  • US anti-corruption, bribery and anti-money laundering regulations.

  • Drafting and negotiating provisions that should be included in cross-border loan agreements.

  • "Know your customer" requirements.


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