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What we do

Practical Law Company (PLC) is the leading provider of legal know-how, transactional analysis and market intelligence for lawyers. We don't aggregate primary sources or produce academic textbooks. We deliver and maintain the guidance, analysis and materials front-line lawyers need daily.

We work closely with law firms and in-house law departments to provide innovative and practical solutions in know-how, technology and practice development.

We have offices in London and New York. Our UK operation provides know-how for commercial and private client lawyers. The services are based on English law. Our US operation provides know-how for US commercial lawyers. Click here to visit the US homepage.


Know-how services

We provide online know-how services that are made for front-line busy lawyers. Our resources aim to ensure that you:

  • Never miss an important development
  • Can confidently advise your client or organisation on the law and its practical implications
  • Have time to focus on the issues that matter to your client or organisation

Our services provide a range of resources that are written in a unique, practical style using plain English rather than focusing purely on academic law. The resources are continually updated by our professional support team and include:

  • E-mail updates with analysis and commentary

    Filtered legal developments delivered by e-mail, focused on the needs of the busy practitioner

  • A comprehensive bank of practice notes

    The law applied to situations you face daily. Containing clear and detailed explanations of law and practice, updated to reflect developments as they occur

  • Standard documents, letters and drafting notes

    Documents you can trust. Continually maintained to reflect developments in law, allowing you to focus on drafting the document rather than updating it

  • Flowcharts and checklists

    Ensure you have everything covered with quick reference guides to the law

  • Ask PLC

    Our team of experts is available to expand on what we have written, point you to useful resources and act as a sounding board on tricky points. Submit a question online for fast answers to your legal queries. You can also view what others are asking, read our replies or join in the discussion.


UK services

In the UK we provide the following know-how services:


US services

In the US we provide the following know-how services:


International services

We provide the following international know-how service:


Professional support team

PLC has the largest independent professional support team outside of private practice. The team comprises of over 100 former lawyers, who have extensive experience gained from practising in law firms, companies, professional service organisations and public sector organisations.

  • For a full list of our professional support team in the UK, click here

  • For a full list of our professional support team in the US, click here

  • For a full list of our global professional support team, click here

Each team has a dedicated paralegal, as well as production personnel, who help proof and lay out materials. We follow rigorous procedures to maintain quality control, including specialist proofing and Q&A teams.


Productivity tools

PLC has developed a number of innovative tools that help you work more efficiently:

  • PLC Annotation allows you to create and maintain your own notes on PLC's resources. It is available to all our subscribers at no additional cost.
  • PLC FastDraft generates first drafts of key documents quickly and easily with an advanced question and answer style interface.
  • PLC FirmStyle enables you to automatically download PLC standard documents in your organisation's house style.
  • PLC What's Market allows you to search and compare a wide range of public company transactions. It is available to subscribers of PLC Corporate and PLC Finance at no additional cost.
  • PLC Web Parts enables you to integrate PLC content into your Microsoft SharePoint® site.

Practice development

PLC has a unique relationship with in-house law departments in major companies worldwide through PLC Law Department ( www.practicallaw.com/2-107-4664) and our management of the GC100 Group. We work closely with law firms to identify and deliver valuable marketing opportunities through PLC Events and PLC Magazine ( www.practicallaw.com/8-101-3578) .


Careers at PLC

PLC has a staff of over 300 including over 100 former lawyers and researchers, many with significant experience as senior lawyers in major City firms. We are a dynamic and fast-growing company and are always looking out for bright and dynamic people who share our vision for the future of legal services.


What our subscribers say about us

Around 100,000 lawyers from 9,400 organisations worldwide use Practical Law. This includes 99% of The Lawyer Top 100, 86% of UK FTSE 100 companies, 70% of UK FTSE 350 companies and 85% of The Am Law 100. To read what our subscribers say about us, click here.


Awards and achievements

Practical Law Company has been nominated and awarded several awards and commendations. To view the full list, please click here.


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