Finance Bill 2008: Public Bill Committee Proceedings (5 June, morning)

On the morning of 5 June 2008, the following clauses of, and Schedules to, the Finance Bill 2008 were agreed, unamended unless otherwise stated, by the Public Bill Committee of the House of Commons:

1. Clauses 82 to 85 and Schedule 27 (Abolition of industrial and agricultural buildings allowances). The amendments to Schedule 27, relating to enterprise zone allowances, that were proposed by the government on 22 May (see Legal update, Finance Bill 2008: proposed government amendments (22 May 2008)) were agreed.

2. Clauses 87 to 89 and Schedules 28 and 29 (Pensions).

3. Clauses 91 to 94 and Schedules 30 and 31 (Stamp duty land tax). The amendments to clauses 91 (notification and registration), 92 (charge where consideration includes rent) and 93 (withdrawal of group relief) proposed by the government on 22 May (see above) were agreed. In relation to clause 93, the Minister stated that if control of a publicly owned company changes as a result of day-to-day transactions by unconnected minority shareholders, clawback will not apply. For background about the SDLT provisions in the Finance Bill, see Legal update, Budget 2008: property. The Minister also stated that no SDLT return is required where section 75A of the Finance Act 2003 (anti-avoidance) applies: a letter suffices. Further guidance on this issue and on clause 93 will be published shortly.

4. Clause 95 (Stamp duty: exemption for low value transactions).

Source: Public Bill Committee Stage: morning sitting (5 June 2008).


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