Right-to-Sue Letter

A letter issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( www.practicallaw.com/4-501-5853) to complainants who have filed charges alleging employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation that authorizes the complainant to proceed with a lawsuit in court.

Right-to-sue letters may be issued regardless of whether the EEOC finds reasonable cause to believe the violation occurred. Claimants have 90 days from receipt of the right-to-sue letter to file a claim in court. Claimants who want to proceed to court before the EEOC has completed its investigation may request a right-to-sue letter after the EEOC has had at least 180 days to investigate the allegations.

For more information, see Practice Notes, Responding to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Charges ( www.practicallaw.com/9-503-3939) and Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies and Statutes of Limitations Under Employment Discrimination Laws ( www.practicallaw.com/9-521-7561) .

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