Labor & Employment State Insights

Insights from practicing experts on select state laws regarding restrictive covenants, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and various other forms of employer liability.

Practical Law Labor & Employment

Alternatives to Non-Compete Agreements


Ancillary Requirement for Non-Compete Agreements


Comparators Under Title VII and State Law


Employer Liability for Employee Torts


Employer Liability for Tortious Interference


Enforceability of Confidentiality Agreements


Enforceability of Non-Solicitation Agreements


FMLA Retaliation


Hostile Work Environment and National Origin Harassment


Hostile Work Environment and Religious Harassment


Hostile Work Environment Race-Based Harassment


Impermissible Solicitation of Clients and Co-Workers


Legitimate Business Interests and Non-Compete Agreements


Liability of Hirers for Torts Committed by Independent Contractors


Negligent Hiring Liability


Non-Compete Agreements and Asset Purchases


Non-Compete Agreements and Employers' Goodwill


Non-Compete Agreements and Medical Providers


Non-Compete Agreements and Special or Extraordinary Skill


Non-Compete Agreements and the Sale of a Business


Non-Compete Agreements in the Franchise Context


Reasonable Accommodation of Religious Beliefs


Restrictive Covenants and Shareholder Agreements


Severe or Pervasive Conduct in Sex Harassment Cases


Successor Employers and Non-Compete Agreements

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