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Overview of class/collective actions and current trends

1. What is the definition of class/collective actions in your jurisdiction? Are they popular and what are the current trends?

Regulatory framework

2. What are the principal sources of law and regulations relating to class/collective actions? What are the different mechanisms for bringing a class/collective action?
3. Are class/collective actions permitted/used in all areas of law, or only in specific areas?


4. What are the key limitation periods for class/collective actions?

Standing and procedural framework for bringing an action


5. What are the rules for bringing a claim in a class/collective action?

Qualification, joinder and test cases

6. What are the key procedural elements for maintaining a case as a class action?


7. What is the usual procedural timetable for a case?

Effect of the area of law on the procedural system

8. Does the applicable procedural system vary depending on the relevant area of law in which the class/collective action is brought?

Funding and costs


9. What are the most common investment objectives of private equity funds?
10. Is third party funding of class/collective actions permitted?
11. Is financial support available from any government or other public body for class/collective action litigation?
12. Are other funding options available to claimants in class/collective actions?


13. What are the key rules for costs/fees in class/collective action litigation?

Key effects of the costs/funding regime

14. What are the key effects of the current costs/funding regime?

Disclosure and privilege

15. What is the procedure for disclosure of documents in a class/collective action?
16. Are there special considerations for privilege in relation to class/collective actions?


17. What is the procedure for filing factual and expert witness evidence in class/collective actions?


18. Can one defendant apply to join other possible defendants in a class/collective action?

Damages and relief

19. What is the measure of damages under national law in the field of class/collective actions?
20. What rules apply to declaratory relief and interim awards in class/collective actions?


21. What rules apply to settlement of class/collective actions?


22. Do parties have a right to appeal decisions relating to class actions, such as a decision granting or denying certification of a class action?

Alternative dispute resolution

23. Is alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available in class/collective actions?

Proposals for reform

24. Are there any proposals for reform concerning class/collective actions?
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