In-House Banking and Financial Services Center

A selection of resources covering key issues and legal matters encountered by in-house lawyers in banking and financial services institutions. Topics include regulation of financial institutions, consumer financial regulations, general lending transactions, broker-dealer regulation, swaps and derivatives, securitization, and real estate lending transactions.

Practical Law Finance

The banking and financial services industry is heavily regulated in the US, and is subject to numerous federal and state legal and regulatory restrictions and requirements. This resource center contains a collection of resources that are of particular interest to in-house counsel at banks and financial services companies who are engaged in a variety of transactions ranging from general lending and real estate to financing and securitization.

The resources in this collection are divided into the following categories:

  • Regulation of financial institutions, including:

    • financial institution-specific requirements and restrictions;

    • transaction-specific regulations;

    • prudential and capital requirements;

    • investments and M&A;

    • officer, director, and management requirements;

    • anti-money laundering and OFAC rules; and

    • risk management.

  • Consumer financial regulation, including:

    • supervision and enforcement procedures;

    • disclosure obligations;

    • unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts or practices (UDAAPs);

    • fair lending;

    • privacy and accuracy of financial information; and

    • service provider oversight.

  • Broker-dealer regulation.

  • General lending, including:

    • due diligence;

    • transaction documents;

    • collateral and guaranties;

    • loan closing; and

    • defaults, restructuring, and bankruptcy.

  • Swaps and derivatives, including:

    • the ISDA master agreement and related documentation;

    • swaps and derivatives regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act; and

    • global and non-US swaps and derivatives regulation.

  • Securitization.

  • Real estate lending, including:

    • due diligence;

    • transaction documents;

    • collateral and guaranties;

    • loan closing; and

    • defaults, restructuring, and bankruptcy.


Regulation of Financial Institutions

Financial Institution-Specific Requirements and Restrictions

Holding Companies

Depository Institutions

Systemically Significant Financial Institutions

Foreign Banks

Transaction-Specific Regulations

Margin Lending

Anti-Tying Rules

Affiliate Transaction Restrictions

Other Transaction Regulation Issues

Prudential and Capital Requirements

Investments and M&A

Bank M&A Transactions

Investments in Banks

Bank Private Equity Investments

Officer, Director, and Management Issues

Managerial and Director Oversight Obligations

Management Interlocks

Insider Lending

Anti-Money Laundering and OFAC Rules

Risk Management


Consumer Financial Regulation

Supervision and Enforcement Procedures

Disclosure Obligations

Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAPs)

Fair Lending

Privacy and Accuracy of Financial Information

Service Provider Oversight


Broker-Dealer Regulation


General Lending

Due Diligence

Transaction Documents

Collateral and Guaranties

Loan Closing

Defaults, Restructuring and Bankruptcy


Swaps and Derivatives

The ISDA Master Agreement and Related Documentation

Swaps and Derivatives Regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act

Global and Non-US Swaps and Derivatives Regulation




Real Estate Lending

Real Estate Due Diligence

Real Estate Lending Transaction Documents

Real Estate Collateral and Guaranties

Real Estate Loan Closings

Real Estate Loan Defaults, Restructuring, and Bankruptcy

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