Internet and Email Risk Toolkit

Resources to help identify, manage, and mitigate the legal and business risks associated with the operation and use of websites, email, and other online media technology and applications.

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All businesses rely on online media and communications technologies both in their interactions with customers, suppliers, and other third parties, and in their internal operations and communications. From a business perspective, appropriate use of the internet and email facilitates existing operations and presents new avenues for expansion. However, in taking advantage of these opportunities, companies must understand and address the legal and regulatory risks associated with their online activities. A company that proactively evaluates the potential business effect of its and third-parties' internet and email use is better equipped to administer appropriate policies and practices.

This Internet and Email Risk Toolkit provides resources to help counsel identify, manage, and mitigate a company's legal and business risk associated with the operation and use of websites, email, and other online media, technology, and applications.


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