EU daily alerts

A note with information on EU daily alert e-mails and how to sign up for them.

Practical Law EU

Areas covered by the EU daily alerts

Practical Law EU offers daily email alerts covering the sectors and topics shown in the table below.

The EU alerts do not cover competition law; comprehensive EU competition coverage is provided by Practical Law Competition.

See below for how to sign up for alerts.


Institutional Brexit alert


Intellectual property

Aviation and airports

International trade and customs

Chemicals and other hazardous substances

Justice and home affairs

Consumer affairs

Maritime affairs and fisheries


Maritime transport and inland waterways


Post and logistics

Economic and financial affairs

Product safety

Employment and social affairs

Public procurement

Energy and renewables


Enterprise and industry

Regulatory and legislative procedures

Environment and climate change


Food and food safety


Healthcare and life sciences

Telecommunications, media and technology

Infrastructure funds


Institutional affairs



About EU daily alerts

The Practical Law EU professional support team monitors all the key EU information sources to produce a series of daily alerts covering a wide range of sectors and practice areas. This is vital information for lawyers who need early warning of EU law developments in their chosen sector or practice area.

The alerts include links to:

  • Documents published by the European Commission, Council, European Parliament and other EU Institutions, including consultations, proposals, draft legislation, Official Journal publications and press releases.

  • Notices of forthcoming meetings, announcements, press conferences and other events.

We send the EU alerts every working day in the late afternoon (unless there are no relevant developments that day), keeping you fully briefed on developments in your chosen area or areas. You may sign up for as many alerts as you wish.

The key legal developments covered in the alerts are also covered in more detail in the weekly EU email updates, which include background and links to relevant Practical Law materials (see EU legal updates and weekly email ( ).


How to sign up for EU daily alerts

To receive one or more of the EU daily alerts, please go to your "Email preferences" page. Here, under the "EU services" tab, you will find options for the Practical Law EU daily alerts and you can tick the boxes for as many daily alerts as you would like to receive. You can also choose to sign up to the Practical Law EU weekly email (see EU legal updates and weekly email ( ) and the Practical Law Competition EU daily and weekly emails. Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to ensure your email preferences are updated.

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