Law Department Management Center

A collection of Practical Law resources to assist general counsel and other in-house lawyers in the management and operation of an in-house legal department and in the business of providing in-house legal services. Topics include contract management, law department operations, engaging and managing outside counsel, finance and accounting basics, managing claims and litigation, ethics and professional responsibility, and hiring interns and contractors for the law department.

Practical Law

The Law Department Management Center is a collection of resources to assist general counsel and other in-house lawyers in the management of their law departments, their professional development, their legal projects, and their use of outside counsel and other contractors and consultants. The Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Checklists, and other resources in this collection cover a range of law department management and operations topics.

These resources are organized as follows:


Contract Management


Law Department Operations


Engaging and Managing Outside Counsel


Finance and Accounting Basics


Ethics and Professional Responsibility


Managing Claims and Litigation


Hiring Legal Interns and Independent Contractors



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