Report on restrictive trade practices laws

On 16 April 2003 the government released its response to the report from the Dawson Committee's review of Part IV of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and the administration of the Act, together with the Committee's recommendations. The Committee concluded that Australia's competition laws were working well and have sustained a competitive environment which has benefited consumers in terms of service and price. The Committee and the government, however, recommended that a number of changes be made to the Act, including changes to the merger clearance process, the tests for third party tying and boycotts and the introduction of special reforms to address concerns about the conduct of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (including the establishment of a media code). The government will conduct a further inquiry to deal with the details of the introduction of criminal sanctions for serious cartel behaviour.

Source: The Dawson Committee's report can be found at: The government's response can be found at: Allens Arthur Robinson email:

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