Corporate Compliance and Ethics Toolkit

Core resources to assist corporations in designing suitable and comprehensive internal compliance and ethics programs. 

Practical Law Corporate & Securities

One of the responsibilities of a company's in-house legal department is to promote compliance by the company and its employees with the multitude of laws and policies regulating businesses. A key concern is to avoid illegal or unethical conduct by the company or any of its employees. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can lead to large fines and defense costs, lost business and a ruined reputation for a company, as well as personal liability for responsible individuals.

In-house counsel can protect the company, its directors and employees by:

  • Implementing effective compliance policies for company employees.

  • Educating employees on the company's policies.

  • Staying informed on the different regulations with which the company must comply and stay abreast of their status.

  • Identifying issues that may eventually turn into potential violations and have procedures in place to address them.

The Corporate Compliance and Ethics Toolkit provides continuously maintained resources to help in-house counsel understand the different laws and regulations with which a company must comply and address any issues that may arise.


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Cross-border Resources

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