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Domestic sector

1. What is the role of the domestic oil sector in your jurisdiction?
2. What is the role of the natural gas sector in your jurisdiction?
3. Are domestic energy requirements met by oil and gas production?
4. Are there specific government policies to encourage the exploration and production of unconventional gas or oil?


Regulatory bodies

5. Who regulates the extraction of oil and gas?

The regulatory regime

6. What is the regulatory regime for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production?

Rights to oil and gas


7. How are rights to oil and gas held?

Nature of oil and gas rights

8. What are the key features of the leases, licences or concessions which are issued under the regulatory regime?
9. How are such leases, licences or concessions awarded?

Transfer of rights

10. How are oil and gas rights transferred?


11. What payments are payable by oil and gas interest holders to the government?
12. Does the government derive any other economic benefits from oil and gas exploration and production?
13. What taxes and duties apply on import and export of oil and gas?

Transportation by pipeline

14. What regulatory requirements apply to the construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines?
15. Is there a system of third party access to pipelines and other infrastructure?

Health, safety and the environment

Health and safety

16. What is the health and safety regime for oil and gas exploration and extraction, and transportation by pipeline?

Environmental impact assessments (EIAs)

17. Is an EIA required before extracting or processing onshore or offshore oil and gas?
18. What are the different stages of the EIA?

Environmental permits

19. Is there a permit regime for environmental damage or emissions produced during the extraction or processing of oil and gas?

Environmental concerns

20. Are there any specific government policies and/or incentives aimed at meeting the environmental concerns associated with the exploration and production of oil and gas?


21. What are the regulations on the disposal of waste products resulting from oil or gas extraction or processing?

Flares and vents

22. Are flare and vent regulations in place?


23. What are the decommissioning obligations and liabilities that arise?

Sale and trade

24. How is trade in oil and gas usually completed?
25. Are oil and gas prices regulated?

Enforcement of regulation

26. What are the regulator's enforcement powers?
27. Is there a right of appeal against the regulator's decisions?


28. Are there plans for changes to the legal and regulatory framework?
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