Supply of Goods and Services Agreements Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel in drafting agreements for the supply of goods or services.

Practical Law Commercial Transactions

When planning, negotiating, and drafting agreements for the supply of goods or services, counsel must often consider and address a variety of issues, including:

  • How the buyer will pay for the goods or services (for example, by cash, special financing, or a letter of credit ( ).

  • How to define the parties' business relationship.

  • Corporate social responsibility trends that might affect the supply chain.

  • Apportioning liability and risk.

  • Planning potential dispute settlement arrangements.

  • The buyer's rights under the Uniform Commercial Code ( (UCC) to accept, reject, and revoke its acceptance of a seller's delivery or tender of goods.

  • How to demand adequate assurances that a contract for the sale of goods will be performed.

The Supply of Goods and Services Agreement Toolkit provides numerous, continuously maintained resources designed to help counsel throughout the negotiation and drafting process.

Parties engaged in international transactions or deals with foreign parties should also consult the International Trade Toolkit ( and the Bribery and Corruption Toolkit ( for resources to assist them in complying with applicable laws.

For a comprehensive list of common boilerplate ( provisions and standard contractual clauses, see General Contract Clauses Toolkit: Standard Clauses ( .

For a list of all Practical Law Commercial Transactions resources related to the supply of goods and services, see the Supply of Goods and Services topic page.


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Standard Clauses



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