In-House Litigation Management Center

A selection of Toolkits to help in-house counsel prevent and manage litigation. Topics include records management, litigation holds, e-discovery, class actions, attorney-client privilege, engaging and managing outside counsel, injunctive relief, arbitration, internal investigations, and case settlement.

Practical Law

While in-house law departments frequently retain outside counsel to prosecute and defend lawsuits brought by and against the company, preventing and managing litigation is a significant responsibility of many in-house attorneys, whether they are trained litigators or transactional lawyers with little or no litigation experience.

The In-House Litigation Management Center is a collection of Practical Law Toolkits covering various aspects of litigation prevention and management. Each Toolkit includes a selection of continuously maintained Practical Law resources (including Practice Notes, Standard Documents, and Checklists) that in-house counsel can use to learn about the legal issues relating to each type of matter, and to review, draft, and negotiate key agreements and related documentation.

For a Checklist that covers the key steps in managing civil litigation brought against a US company, see Managing Litigation Checklist ( .

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