Requests for Admission in Federal Court Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel with requests for admission (RFA) in federal litigation. Specifically, this Toolkit offers resources related to drafting, serving, and responding to RFA under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 36.  

Practical Law Litigation

Requests for admission ( (RFA) are written requests from one party to another party during discovery ( that generally require the responding party to formally admit or deny either:

In federal court, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 36 governs RFA.

Unlike other written discovery tools, such as interrogatories ( and requests for production, the purpose of RFA is not to gather and obtain information from other parties. Instead, a party to a lawsuit should use RFA to confirm simple facts relevant to the parties' claims and defenses, and to authenticate documents for the purpose of narrowing issues before trial.

This Toolkit offers resources that provide guidance on how to:

  • Draft RFA.

  • Answer RFA.

  • Object to RFA.

  • Serve RFA and responses to RFA.


Practice Notes


Standard Documents


Legal Updates

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