Interrogatories in Federal Court Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel with interrogatories in federal civil litigation. Specifically, this Toolkit offers resources related to drafting, serving, answering, and objecting to interrogatories under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 33.  

Practical Law Litigation

Interrogatories ( are written questions that must be answered in writing under oath. A party to a lawsuit uses interrogatories to obtain information in discovery ( from another party to the lawsuit. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 33 governs interrogatories in federal court.

This Toolkit offers resources for use in federal civil litigation that provide guidance on how to:

  • Draft interrogatories.

  • Answer interrogatories.

  • Object to interrogatories.

  • Serve interrogatories and responses, including objections, to interrogatories.


Practice Notes


Standard Documents



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