In-House Business Transactions Center

A selection of Toolkits to help in-house lawyers review, draft, and negotiate contracts and other documents relating to a wide range of exceptional and ordinary-course business transactions. Topics include confidentiality, stock and asset acquisitions, dispositions and joint ventures, employment agreements, office leasing, supply agreements, government contracting, private placements, and project finance arrangements.    

Practical Law

In-house lawyers are often required to negotiate, draft, or review contracts and other documentation for a wide range of business transactions. Often, these transactions relate to an area of law outside the in-house lawyer's expertise or recent practical experience.

The In-House Business Transactions Center is a collection of Practical Law Toolkits covering a wide range of business transactions. Each Toolkit includes a selection of continuously maintained Practical Law resources (including Practice Notes, Standard Documents, and Checklists) that in-house counsel can use to learn about or refresh their knowledge of the relevant legal issues, and to review, draft, and negotiate key agreements and other documents.

To search Practical Law's What's Market database of contract precedents and deal summaries, see Practical Law - What's Market.

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