Subscriber Testimonials

PLC subscribers recognize that an investment in PLC pays for itself over and over in saved costs, maximized efficiency and more. Our growing subscriber list includes hundreds of law firms – including more than 60 AmLaw 100 firms – and over 500 companies. Here's what they're saying…

"I find the material very practical and directly applicable to what I do. [The service] saves time and money. It prompts thinking about the subtleties of projects."

"I love PLC. The quality of the work product as presented by PLC is absolutely superior. PLC's editorial work on material I drafted was really good. It was clear their attorneys knew their stuff, and were able to add significant value to my original contribution. In particular, PLC's high-quality precedents add a valuable dimension to our own resources. To me, their precedents are a real differentiator."

"I appreciate PLC's capabilities even more after moving from a law firm to an in-house position. Like many in-house attorneys, I must get up-to-speed quickly in many diverse practice areas. PLC has the tools to make that possible, while at the same time providing enough content for a deeper dive when appropriate. "

"PLC delivers information that practicing attorneys need in an efficient, targeted, comprehensive and highly organized fashion. PLC's What's Market is an attorney favorite which helps us and our clients determine preferred negotiating or drafting approaches to key issues. This is a powerful tool that complements PLC's steady coverage of current deal developments and hot issues. Our attorneys use PLC not only in negotiating transactions and drafting base documents, but also in cross checking their own preferred draft agreements against PLC's materials on particular issues. And our associates have found it to be helpful in their training and development. In summary, PLC provides tools that help to enhance our ability to deliver the high quality legal services that our clients demand."

"PLC complements our practice approach by providing our transactional lawyers relevant, current, and highly functional tools and information. PLC's practice-oriented resources such as how-to guidance, checklists and annotated model documents assist us in delivering practical and sophisticated advice quickly. It is also among the most effective tools for keeping current on market and legal trends, and developments. In short, it is an excellent partner for a smaller firm that regularly negotiates complex transactions."

"Very practical resource with easy to find answers. I think it is the best on-line resource for in-house counsel."

"As an M&A lawyer in a mid-sized, regional law firm, I feel that PLC provides me resources that are comparable to those available to practitioners at the largest national and international firms. I have come to rely on PLC's Corporate and Securities e-mail alerts as my primary means of staying current with recent M&A developments, including the latest Delaware case law and current market conditions. I have found that these PLC services accurately report recent developments better and faster than other on-line services and, certainly, much more rapidly than the various reporters and journals that tend to accumulate on a corner of my credenza. I also appreciate the "linking" functionality of PLC's website, which allows one to easily drill down on a particular issue through news summaries, in-depth articles, underlying case law and contractual provisions. PLC also is a valuable tool for younger lawyers. It is an efficient means for them to understand the reasons for and history of various contractual provisions. I ask the young lawyers in our practice group to compare our form documents and checklists against those available on PLC. I believe that our forms have improved as a result. As with most technological improvements, it is hard to imagine how I could have effectively and efficiently practiced without the resources that now are available through PLC."

"Practical Law Company's resources are exceptionally useful for training associates. Their resources are well organized and well written. They serve as a great way to indoctrinate someone into a new practice area or type of transaction. PLC helps us meet client demands to be more efficient. They really focus on the needs of the frontline transactional lawyer. There really is no better way to see the deal market in its living form. I recently had to brush up on a topic for a media interview and PLC's resources got me up to speed in 20 minutes instead of the hours traditional research would have taken. PLC's resources are a great way to quickly brush up on issues before media interviews and presentations. We get "What's Market" questions all the time, but it takes hours to research market conditions outside of our own deals. PLC enables us respond to our clients quickly and effectively, delivering increased efficiency and value."

"As the business world continues to globalize, lawyers are increasingly tasked with interpreting and managing international affairs. Practical Law Company is the premier practice aid for lawyers who need to understand the legal landscape and the international interplay of the country du jour, and is full of up-to-date primers, forms, and checklists that provide competency as quickly as one can read them. Just like it is hard to imagine the practice of law prior to the advent of computers and word processing programs, so it is to imagine the practice of global law without PLC."

"PLC provides efficiency – it gives us a jumpstart on the basics, so we can quickly dig into the meat of an issue and provide the client with the needed advice. In the corporate/transactional field, clients are impatient and do not want to pay for research, so anything that speeds up the process is welcome. PLC also helps keep my department current. PLC provides timely updates of recent legislation and decisions that affect our practice without cluttering our in-boxes with irrelevant information. PLC updates now regularly prompt discussions and follow-up research in my department on new developments and their impact on our matters. This allows our attorneys to focus on the pressing needs of their clients and spend less time keeping up with recent developments in the field. PLC has great editing. Its articles and updates are clear and concise without being dry. I no longer have to wade through as much irrelevant information in order to find new developments important to my practice."

"PLC seems to have the answers to my questions far more often than other sources."

"We really like the content and find it extremely practical."

"Since PLC is diligently maintained by its team of expert attorneys, PLC enables me to stay abreast of market trends, obtain updates on particular areas of the law, learn about nuances of certain practice areas and review legal documents with annotations that helps me gain additional insight into complicated and/or highly negotiated provisions -- all at my own pace and on my own time. It's equivalent to having expert lawyers at your fingertips. On a weekly, if not daily basis, I use PLC to (i) review practice notes and published articles that relate to current "hot topics" in my practice area, (ii) refresh or gain new insight into standard documents, templates and checklists and (iii) learn about current market trends through the "What's Market" tool, which is the most unique, helpful and time saving tool that I wish I had during my first year of legal practice. In addition, I absolutely love the annotated drafting notes functionality in the standard documents/clauses tool. Imagine having the most current form document from your law firm with the guidance of a seasoned senior attorney walking you through the document step-by-step. There is no individual resource out in the market today that provides me with the same information, tools, insight, explanation and analysis. "

"I find the quality and scope of the content on the PLC website very valuable to my department’s support of our various businesses on a global basis. Substantive overviews provide concise but comprehensive general information on a topic, while more specific resources (such as sample agreements and clauses) are valuable in generating work product. In addition, Practical Law The Journal contains a lot of useful information and cross-references to applicable on-line information. This makes it particularly easy for me to alert one of my team to information that could be useful in connection with a matter on which they are working. "

"I think that PLC is the most practical and efficient resource on the market today to assist in the review of transaction documents. It provides practical, topical and timely information to assist a practitioner to conduct a document review within the time and budgetary constraints dictated by clients. Many other resources are either too academic, too focused on marketing for those who prepare them or too out of date, which minimizes the utility of the product."

"My favorite types of resources are practice notes and standard clauses, in that order. With respect to the practice notes, I find that they are almost uniformly well-written, clear, easy to follow and understand, and an excellent source for information on a particular topic at both a high level and at a somewhat detailed level as well. The hyperlinks to other documents are also extremely helpful as they allow me to drill down into the information I need. With respect to standard clauses, it is very helpful to have at my fingertips some practical, real-world examples of contract clauses that I can put to use in our agreements where needed.

I recently received a notice of deposition for my company in connection with an ongoing litigation matter in federal court. I do not have considerable expertise in handling deposition prep, and went onto PLC to see if I could find information to get me up to speed. A simple search turned up a practice note on how to prepare for and successfully defend a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, which contained a very good summary of the process, the practice tips attorneys should be aware of, and additional information that allowed me to easily get up to speed on what I needed to know to successfully partner with outside counsel to achieve the best result possible.

PLC’s website is easy to navigate and use, and the content and information available is presented in a manner that makes it a practical tool for any in-house attorney. Practical Law Company is one of those rare companies whose name is also an accurate description of their value proposition – they provide practical tools for in-house attorneys to help them manage their legal workload and projects. "

"Standard documents are great time savers. The broad range of subjects covered is a great help to me, as a generalist and the only lawyer in the company."

"PLC is a "must have" service. The practice notes, articles and updates contain all the information I need to have at my fingertips, packaged succinctly. Their resources cut to the chase. Every Friday morning, the first thing I do is check for their weekly email as I know it will have key insights I can use. As an in-house lawyer who is constantly bombarded from all sides and has very little time to spare, PLC is the service I turn to."

"There isn't anything exactly like Practical Law Company (PLC) on the market. All PLC resources are online, conveniently available 24/7 and accessible from just about anywhere. More importantly, everything you need to know is in one place, directly on point and current. The website is user-friendly and it is easy to find exactly what you need, rather than digging through lengthy treatises. I've used PLC's online services to find current credit terms using the PLC What's Market feature. It's a fantastic source to find current market terms for credit agreements. A subscription to PLC will definitely pay for itself in saved research and training costs alone. PLC is a great resource for getting associates up-to-speed quickly on topics, all on their own. You can save partner time spent on training associates and preparing training materials. You also reduce costs on associate research that might not otherwise have been billable. Finally, with PLC you can impress clients with instant knowledge of market trends and terms."

"PLC is an outstanding tool for quick research, whether general or in-depth, into complex areas of legal practice. With the help of PLC, our firm and others similarly positioned -- high-quality regional law firms of substantial size -- are competing more, and more effectively, against "money center" mega firms for sophisticated transactions and projects. PLC provides current state-of-the-art contextual knowledge and document exemplars in a way that makes it easy for our team, including relatively new associates, to get up to speed rapidly and to handle these engagements with confidence. We are happy with PLC as a valuable practice aid and as an extraordinarily good pedagogical resource. And the PLC weekly emails with links to pertinent references keep us up-to-date on developments in key areas of the law."

"PLC is a tremendous resource for developments in corporate law. I can depend on information provided by PLC to be accurate, reliable, comprehensive and timely. I like PLC's proactive approach – their weekly updates email is formatted so that you can quickly and easily determine whether a topic is something you need to learn more about, and how quickly you need to address it, allowing you to drill down for more detail as required. PLC's information on 'What's Market' in public company M&A transactions has helped me in my negotiations, as well as with advising clients who need to know quickly if their positions and requests are reasonable or at least typical of similar transactions. 'What's Market' is 'real time,' giving a snapshot of specific provisions in recently filed acquisition agreements, unlike surveys that merely describe the types of provisions and examine only transactions that closed one or two years earlier. PLC has helped me to practice more efficiently, enabling me to make better use of my most significant professional asset, my time. PLC is a great tool for training associates."

"Although we are a nonprofit organization with a small legal department that operates under a tight budget, we have found that the quality and depth of information provided on PLC makes it a valuable resource."

"PLC collects a variety of information that is available from many different resources and puts it all in one convenient place, and this saves me time when I am researching something or trying to find a quick answer.
I always direct junior associates to the overviews on basic lending concepts as a way to supplement their group training. The site provides them with a quick and efficient way to learn about new concepts and to familiarize themselves with legal terminology. They can also refer to the drafting notes in the form documents to help them better understand how certain provisions work.
I recently worked on a cross-border transaction in which the lender obtained security interests in collateral located in multiple jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and Latin America. I was able to obtain a basic understanding of local law requirements by reviewing the PLC summaries in its multi-jurisdictional guide to finance which helped me to focus my inquiries to local counsel. "

"Being a member of PLC is like having a full menu of Continuing Legal Education courses at my fingertips. I was able to prepare a detailed and very needed presentation on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in about an hour’s time thanks to all the training and education resources available on PLC. The relevant and user friendly data of PLC has saved our legal department thousands of dollars in research and weeks of time. Our response time to company requests for information or other legal concerns has decreased dramatically thanks to the professionals at PLC. The international legal features have been especially helpful for our global expansion efforts."

"I used to use [another knowledge resource] but now use PLC almost exclusively. The extent and depth of the information is very valuable. I am able to save external counsel costs."

"I have used PLC on several occasions, in the areas of private acquisitions, cross-border transactions, and distribution and licensing agreements. I am continually impressed by the depth of coverage on each topic, and the quality of the information provided. I would not hesitate to also use it in other areas of my practice or to recommend it to other practitioners. It is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, reference source of its kind that I have ever seen"

"Relevant, high quality content, intelligently organized. Thanks for providing such an outstanding resource. The 'maintained' designation is especially helpful."

"PLC is the best tool that we've come across to assist our lawyers in keeping up with the most recent structuring and drafting trends, as well as prevailing rates for various deal terms. PLC materials are very much practice-oriented, and are sufficiently specific and in-depth to be extremely useful to fill in the gaps of our own experience in these matters. Like many firms, we struggle to devote the attorney time and internal resources necessary to organize all of the documents we produce and keep them up to date. PLC has been a big help in filling the gaps in our own knowledge management practices. It also allows us to be more confident in our advice to clients, which helps to avoid incurring unnecessary research or memo-writing costs. Although we haven't tried to measure this yet, I believe that using PLC is likely to lead to improved realization rates because it makes us more efficient. "

"The Intellectual Property (IP) content of PLC is very good, and in just about every case had something to offer when I searched on various IP topics. The notes and commentaries on the documents are helpful, and the library itself is a great resource for standard clauses in various agreements. The streamlined ability to quickly get a Word copy of a desirable template is very efficient, as well."

"I use PLC to keep abreast of how the market is identifying and dealing with current issues. PLC covers topics that come up in financing transactions in real time. It provides context for those issues, so that you can represent the client more effectively. PLC is a convenient tool for quickly disseminating information within the practice group on hot topics or current transaction practice."

"As a new Practical Law user, I am beginning to appreciate the real depth of the PLC resources. I have just taken on the responsibilities for our 401K and find your ERISA materials to be really helpful. They are definitely a better resource than trudging through our plan documents or the tax code. Your resources strike just the right balance and give me the information I need in a very accessible format.

I also happened to come across materials dealing with minority shareholder protections in international joint ventures, along with specific materials having to do with China joint ventures. Wow! I have been asked by the majority shareholder in our China JV to renegotiate our shareholder agreement to reduce our minority rights to enable the JV to consolidate its financials with its parent company. There are some good reasons for us to entertain this request and these materials provide an excellent background upon which I can make recommendations for our negotiation plan – talk about depth of resource! Thank you."

"I recently took over internal legal oversight of my company's U.S. Employee Benefit Plans compliance. The PLC material in this topic area is excellent and explained in a very practical and straight-forward manner. It has been extremely helpful to me because I can literally cut and paste relevant information into an email and send it to an internal client for understanding or print out entire practice notes to refer to as talking points during meetings. I have been very impressed with the research value and content of PLC. It has greatly enhanced my access to critical information needed to perform my job."

"I think Practical Law is a fantastic resource. The materials are easy to find and understand, and I feel comfortable distributing them to internal business people and functions. It saves me a lot of time, gives our people very useful tools and checklists and legal insights, and saves on outside counsel fees."

"Practical Law saved me on outside counsel fees by providing ready access to information in areas outside my practice."

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