Multi-jurisdictional guides

About Multi-jurisdictional guides

We invite you to write a comparative analysis on your specific area of expertise and gain international exposure for you and your firm.

Our multi-jurisdictional guides are valued and relied upon by in-house lawyers and private practitioners looking to gain a practical insight into an unfamiliar market or jurisdiction.


The content is carefully reviewed by a dedicated team of legally qualified editors to ensure it resonates with an international audience, and is consistent with our high standards.

Market Intelligence

The Q&A templates which form the basis for each country chapter are designed by Practical Law's team of legal experts alongside some of the world’s leading practitioners in each area to ensure the most pertinent topics and issues are addressed.


The content is integrated into Practical Law's innovative and award winning web based know-how services which are accessed by more than 100,000 commercial lawyers around the world, giving the content unrivalled exposure.

“Our chapter in one of the multi-jurisdictional guides was invaluable to us and essential to some of our recent client successes in Asia and China in particular.”

- Gary Smith, Senior Associate, Stuarts Walker Hersant, Cayman Islands

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