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What is PLC Advantage?

PLC Advantage is a scheme designed to help out of work lawyers stay connected to the law and market practice. It provides verified users with free access to PLC's unrivalled current awareness and know-how, and eases the return to fee-earning by keeping out of work lawyers up to date.

"One of the biggest concerns any lawyer has when out of work is how to keep up to date with the law.

PLC was an extremely useful tool to have when I was out of work. It enabled me to brush up for interviews on various topics and kept me up to date with the most recent developments. Access to PLC while I was out of work meant that I always felt connected to the legal environment."

Anonymous, now back in practice

How does it work?

PLC Advantage provides out of work lawyers with free access to all our UK know-how services, covering major commercial and key consumer law in the UK. Eligible applicants are granted free access for two months, after which point access can be extended on a monthly basis, subject to verification.

Who can join?

PLC Advantage is intended to provide support to out of work lawyers who are actively engaged in returning to practice. We liaise with recruitment consultants to ensure that only these lawyers benefit from the scheme.

To be eligible you must be registered with a recruitment agency. We have partnered with the following:

  • First Counsel
  • GMK Legal
  • Law Works
  • Lexington Gray
  • Lipson Lloyd-Jones
  • Pure Search
  • Search Consultancy
  • Shilton Sharpe Quarry
  • Taylor Root

To apply, please fill in the form on this page. Upon receiving your application, we will contact your recruitment consultant to validate your application. Subject to verification you will then receive your log in details by e-mail. If you are registered with a recruitment agency other than those listed please provide their details in the form. If you are registered with more than one agency, please select the first organisation you registered with. Please include the e-mail address of your consultant. Your application may take up to five working days to be processed.

How will my contact details be used?

We will only forward your contact details to the recruitment consultant specified in your application, for the purposes of determining your eligibility to join PLC Advantage. No further information relating to your contact details, previous employer or role will be exchanged between us and your recruitment consultant. Upon returning to employment we may contact you to ask your opinion on the value of this scheme and access to PLC know-how. If you do not wish to be contacted please tick the relevant box on the application form at the top of this page.

More information

PLC know-how services are used by over 5,000 organisations worldwide, including over 80% of the UK's 500 largest law firms, the UK offices of over 70% of the AMLAW 100 firms and over 90% of the FTSE 100.

We currently provide know-how services across 19 areas of major commercial and key consumer law in the UK. PLC know-how services provide a range of uniquely practical materials, written and maintained by more than 170 experienced legal experts who know what life as a frontline lawyer is like. This is the largest independent team of professional support editors outside of private practice; to view their profiles click here.

Our services provide:

  • Current awareness
    Practical legal updates delivered to subscribers by e-mail and published on our website.
  • Practice notes
    Clear explanations of key aspects of relevant law and policy. These are continually updated to reflect any change in law or practice.
  • Standard documents
    A bank of standard documents (including clauses and drafting notes) providing detailed guidance on the relevant legal, negotiating and drafting issues. These are continually updated to reflect any change in law or practice.
  • Checklists, flowcharts and tables
    Practical step-by-step guides to a wide range of issues that arise in the context of commercial transactions. These are continually updated to reflect any change in law or practice.
  • PLC Magazine articles
    A broad range of in-depth articles on topical themes are published in PLC Magazine and other Practical Law Company publications.
  • Online CPD training
    For up to 75% of your CPD requirement.

Terms of use

PLC Advantage is a free service designed to help unemployed lawyers keep up to date with the law and practice in preparation for their return to work. PLC Advantage and any PLC content accessible through this scheme must not be used for paid or unpaid freelance or consultancy work for any third party. By requesting access to PLC Advantage, and by logging into this service and accessing the Practical Law Company website, you agree to use this service and its content solely for your own personal use and subject to these terms.

By registering for this scheme, you also agree to our Terms for Triallists. PLC reserves the right to refuse access to PLC Advantage or to withdraw it at any time.

First Counsel

GMK Legal

Law Works Choices

Lexington Gray

Lipson Lloyd Jones

Pure Search

Search consultancy

Shilton Sharpe Quarry

Taylor Root

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