Practical Law for Law Departments

Practical Law provides in-house counsel with a better starting point for their matters.

Whether it's getting up to speed in an area outside their expertise, better managing outside counsel spend, drafting agreements, policies and business briefings or staying on top of legal and practice developments that matter, we offer practical legal know-how that helps in-house counsel practice smarter and add more value to the business.

Our US subscribers currently include over 1,300 corporate legal departments, approximately 85% of Am Law 200 firms and hundreds of mid-size and boutique firms. See what they are saying here.

Practice Areas and Subscriptions

Our annual subscription-based service provides unlimited access to hundreds of practical legal resources across all major practice areas.

Subscribe now and take advantage of our content with no restrictions or fees on time, printing, or downloading.

For specific pricing information and other subscription-related inquiries, contact our subscriber services team. We also offer free trials.

In addition, we provide global content for business lawyers conducting international and cross-border work. To learn more, visit our Global Law Departments page.

Where We Fit


Learn more about how we help:

Better first drafts, faster

By using our Standard Documents, Checklists and How-to Guides as a starting point, in-house lawyers no longer need to create documents from scratch. Instead, in-house counsel save time drafting documents and take comfort knowing that Practical Law's model forms reflect current legal practices.

Better project management

Practical Law's Checklists and Practice Notes help quickly scope projects and develop plan of action whether working with a firm or with an internal team.

Keep more work in-house

Practical Law helps in-house counsel manage more matters internally. With Practical Law's practice notes, standard documents, What Are You Working On feature, among other tools, in-house lawyers have access to practical, know-how resources to tackle complex legal work, without engaging outside counsel. Also, Practical Law enables corporate law departments to hire less experienced (and less expensive) attorneys since they can build their understanding very quickly.

Get up to speed quickly

In house attorneys often have to advise on areas outside of their expertise. Practical Law offers hundreds of know-how resources, such as How-to Guides, Checklists, Timelines and Standard Documents and Clauses that keep junior staff to seasoned GCs up to date and well-versed on legal developments and practices.

Reduce risk

Law departments track market trends to minimize organizations' exposure to risk and help inform business decisions. Practical Law's What's Market, State Q&A, and other know-how tools provide in-house lawyers data on deal points, legal trends and regulatory developments to ensure their legal advice is in line with best practices.

Greater consistency in forms

Practical Law helps law departments develop more consistent, uniform internal resource collections. Because Practical Law and law department resources integrate seamlessly, it is easy for in-house lawyers to incorporate guidance from Practical Law into final deliverables for internal business partners.

More efficient use of outside counsel

Practical Law's Checklists and Practice Notes helps in-house counsel know what is involved in a particular issue or transaction, enabling in-house lawyers to accurately scope and price work they are sending out. By subscribing to Practical Law, law departments are able to better negotiate alternative fee arrangements and collaborate with external firms by handling some of the work internally or splitting the work between multiple firms, resulting in more productive, cost-effective relationships with outside counsel.

Be a better business partner

Practical Law resources help in-house lawyers shorten the amount of time needed to respond to internal inquiries. By sharing Practical Law materials with internal partners, in-house lawyers can educate business teams on legal issues facing the company.

Meet the Team

The key to our service is our people. Practical Law's resources are created by our expert team of attorney editors who have practiced at the world's leading law firms and in-house departments.

Our team works with our Panel Firms, a group of leading law firms, to develop content in their practice area of expertise.

Global Guides

Country-specific guidance for transacting business internationally.

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Panel Firms

Our panel of leading law firms contributes content across all practice areas.

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