Practical Law for Law Firms

Practical Law helps law firms practice smarter, operate more efficiently and better serve clients.

From helping a first year tackle a new project, to making sure a partner has the latest analysis of current market trends, to supporting professional development, library and knowledge management departments and initiatives, we offer practical legal know-how that helps law firms meet the demands for a more efficient practice.

Our law firm subscribers currently include approximately 85% of Am Law 200 firms and hundreds of mid-size and boutique firms. We also support over 1,300 corporate legal departments. See what they are saying here.

Practice Areas and Subscriptions

Our annual subscriptions provide unlimited access to hundreds of practical legal resources across all major practice areas. Law firms can subscribe to one, several or all of the following practice areas:

For specific pricing information and other subscription-related inquiries, contact our subscriber services team. We also offer free trials.

Where We Fit



  • We offer associates a better place to start their assignments. It's critical to get up to speed and add value quickly. For example, instead of sending firmwide “who has a model form” emails and searching the system for an outdated precedent, Practical Law offers hundreds of up-to-date materials, such as how-to guides, checklists, timelines and standard documents and clauses with drafting and negotiating tips.
  • We help associates at all levels – from providing junior associates with nuts and bolts explanations to ensuring a senior associates don't stay up all night summarizing publicly filed agreements, we help associates make better use of their time.

  • Partners need to demonstrate value to clients, while also maximizing profits on fixed fees and increasing realization rates. The way that they and their teams work plays a critical role. By having a better, more efficient starting point for their matters, partners can demonstrate to clients that they are doing something to improve efficiency. Our know-how can help.
  • Partners use our resources to get their teams up to speed quickly, to reduce written-off time and to have access to summarized, current market trend analysis and information that clients expect by the end of a conference call.
  • We also work with partners to create better, more practical training programs for associates.
Professional Development

  • Professional development is playing an increasingly critical role in the effort to improve law firm efficiency. Whether or not a firm has a dedicated professional development department, improved training and curriculums are essential to ensure that a firm's attorneys are able to serve clients effectively. Practical Law supports law firms' efforts to create engaging, topical training materials and programs. Our model documents, practices notes, timelines and checklists can serve as the foundation of hundreds of practical training programs across all practice areas.
Knowledge Management

  • Practical Law complements and enhances knowledge management initiatives to ensure that lawyers have access to the most useful and relevant material available. Instead of starting from scratch to create precedents and templates, knowledge management efforts often start with Practical Law's resources.

  • Practical Law works with librarians to help them create even stronger partnerships with their lawyers. Client demands require that lawyers get up to speed faster than ever before and with access to our know-how, librarians can ensure that lawyers are using the most up-to-date, practical resources available. We complement and go beyond primary law.
  • We also work with librarians as well as professional development departments to create more practical training programs for summer associates, first year associates and more senior lawyers as well.
  • Now that we are part of Thomson Reuters, you'll notice links to WestlawNext primary law and cases throughout our maintained resources, making it easier to get everything you need from one practical starting point.

Meet The Team

Practical Law resources are created by our expert team of attorney editors who have practiced at the world's leading law firms and in-house departments.

What Are You Working On?

Tell us what you're working on and we'll send the resources to help.

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