summer associate survival guide

Hit the ground running this summer with the essential Summer Associate Survival Guide. The Guide includes dozens of step-by-step, straightforward resources to help you ace summer assignments.

Drafting Effective General Contract Clauses and Boilerplate Provisions
Protecting Against Bribery and Corruption - FCPA Fundamentals
Process, structure and key considerations in a private M&A transaction
Drafting and reviewing disclosure schedules
Running a signing and closing process (including drafting closing checklists, resolutions and closing certificates)
Running a loan closing process (including preparing a closing checklist, drafting closing certificates and resolutions)
The Finance Industry
Navigating discrimination, harassment and retaliation law
Employment non-competes and protection of employers' confidential information/trade secrets
Wage and hour law (including exemption issues and independent contractor misclassification)
Employment litigation and the anatomy of a federal case
Leave law and Disability Accommodation
Individual Terminations and Layoffs and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act
Labor law overview
Basics of employment immigration and verifying work eligibility
Scope of the Securities Act, Exchange Act and related rules and regulations affecting offerings and periodic reporting
Disclosure required by the Securities Act and Exchange Act forms (including drafting/reviewing disclosure in offering documents)
Types of benefit plans and their respective advantages: defined contribution and defined benefit plans, qualified and nonqualified plans, fully-insured and self-insured plans
Searching and clearing US trademark rights and filing federal trademark applications for registration
Preparing copyright and trademark applications

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