About Practical Law

Practical Law provides legal know-how that gives lawyers a better starting point. Our expert team of attorney editors creates and maintains thousands of up-to-date, practical resources so you don’t have to.

We go beyond primary law and traditional legal research to give lawyers the resources needed to practice more efficiently, improve client service and add more value. Our job is to make you better at yours.

Our Services

Our services are available to law firms, corporate law departments and law schools. We cover all major practice areas and access is available through annual subscriptions. We do not have a “metered” approach, which means that there are no extra fees based on time, printing, downloading, etc. The point of the service is to use it. We also provide free trials for new users as well as free training and consultations on how to get the most value from a subscription to Practical Law. Law firms can subscribe to one, several or all of our practice areas and our law department offering includes all practice areas.

In addition, we work with our subscribers to help them use Practical Law’s resources as the foundation of innovative professional development and onboarding programs, practical training materials, to benchmark their own internal documents and more. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.


All Practical Law content is created with the front-line lawyer in mind. Our resources include Practice Notes, Standard Documents and Clauses, Checklists, Legal Updates, State Q&As, our What’s Market and Brief Bank tools, cross-border guidance and more. Not only is our content practical, but it’s always up-to date. The “maintained” status of our materials means that those materials reflect current law and practice.

What We Offer

Standard documents and clauses

Up-to date precedents that reflect current law and practice with practical drafting and negotiating guidance. They can be downloaded and saved in Word for easy editing.

Practice Notes

Straightforward how-to guidance and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from primers to detailed analysis for specialists.


Checklists, timelines and flowcharts to make sure you've covered all the bases.


One-stop-shop for a collection of continuously maintained resources for core areas of legal risk and compliance.

Our Team

Key to the service is the team behind it. Our attorney editors have significant practice experience at the country’s best law firms and corporate legal departments. We have been in the shoes of our subscribers, and we are creating the materials we wished we had while in practice. Learn more about the team here.

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Our subscribers include approximately 85% of the Am Law 200, hundreds of small and mid-size firms and over 1,300 legal departments.

"Practical Law has helped me to practice more efficiently, enabling me to make better use of my most significant professional asset, my time."

David W. Morse
Partner, Otterbourg Steindler Houston & Rosen PC

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Media Contacts

Please direct all media inquiries to:

Andrea Joffe
Event and Production Manager
(646) 562-3400

For reprint requests:

Steve Yeo
Account Rights and Information Administrator
(646) 562-3400

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