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Practical Law offers easy search and browse functionality, a clean streamlined interface, intuitive features, and more. Learn how to access our resources to enhance your experience on Practical Law.

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Search Effortlessly

Maximize your search experience.


Browse Better

When you log on to Practical Law, you are taken directly to your personalized homepage. Browse by practice area and resource type to find the resources you need. Popular resources - like What's Market and State Q&A - are featured on the homepage, making it easier for you to access.



Browse by practice area or resource type using our MegaMenu, which appears at the top of every page. The MegaMenu lists the main sections of the website: Practice Areas, Resources, International and My Practical Law. With the MegaMenu's dropdown boxes, you can navigate the entire website effortlessly.


Intuitive Practice Area Pages

We designed our practice area page so you can quickly:


Dedicated Resources Pages

The Resources tab in the MegaMenu makes it easier to navigate different types of resources by practice area, as well as provide quick access to features such as State Q&A, What's Market, Brief Bank and Practical Law The Journal.


Navigate to Global Content

With the MegaMenu, all Practical Law global content can be found in one place. By clicking the MegaMenu's International tab, gain access to our Country Essentials, including country-specific publications.


Helpful Features

Customize your Practical Law online experience.

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