What's Market

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Search summaries of recent deals and compare provisions across multiple transactions for an instant snapshot of market practice. Use What's Market to access precedents, create custom trend reports and link directly to the underlying agreements.

  • Find the deals you're looking for with our custom advanced search
  • Cut right to the analysis with summarized deal and filing provisions
  • Rapidly assess market practice and trends by comparing multiple deals or filings at once
  • Respond to clients faster with instant custom reports
  • Maximize your time by eliminating non-billable hours

What's Market Scope of Coverage:

  • Antitrust Risk-shifting
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Commitment Letters
  • Credit Agreements
  • Executive Employment Agreements
  • Federal Merger Enforcement Actions
  • Follow-on Equity Offerings
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • License Agreements
  • Private Acquisition Agreements
  • Public Merger Agreements
  • Underwriting Agreements

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