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Personal Injury Schedules - Calculating Damages, 3rd Edition

Personal Injury Schedules (Bloomsbury Professional) is an authoritative guide to the assessment of damages and presentation of claims of personal injury. It deals specifically with periodical payments, fatal accidents, loss of earnings (including Ogden VI), lost years, care claims as well as calculating damages in professional negligence actions and claims in the Employment Tribunal. Written by team of eminent authors, the third edition has been fully updated to include analysis of the latest developments and relevant case law occurring in recent years. It includes step-by-step explanations of the drafting of schedules and counter-schedules, and head-by-head analysis of the various claims that can be brought and how to respond to such claims. It contains practical guidance on how to maximise and minimise damages and coverage of the sixth edition of the Ogden Tables.

"This third edition has been comprehensively updated and remains as strong as ever. It continues to merit a place on any personal injury practitioner’s bookshelf" PIBU Law Journal, October 2010.

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Mr Justice Brian Langstaff, Andrew Buchan, William Latimer-Sayer and Rodney Nelson-Jones
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