Class Action Toolkit: Settlement

A Toolkit containing a variety of resources designed to assist counsel with settling class actions in federal court.

Practical Law Litigation

A class action is a procedural mechanism by which a large group of similarly situated plaintiffs (or defendants) may try to prosecute (or defend) a lawsuit based on common claims as a class, instead of as individuals. A class action generally consists of one or more named class representatives and additional absent, unnamed class members.

Because of the potentially large stakes and scope of class action litigation, as well as the existence of absent parties, there are key federal rules and statutes governing class actions. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 provides certain requirements for class actions including certifying a class action, notifying absent class members of the class action, conducting the action, settling the case, appointing class counsel, and appealing certification decisions.

This Toolkit offers resources designed to help counsel with issues related to settling class actions.


Practice Notes


Standard Documents



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