Internet, Mobile, and Marketing Privacy Compliance Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel in creating, implementing, and reviewing a company's marketing privacy compliance programs, including internet and mobile activities.

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The modern technologies that business employ for marketing and other purposes frequently involve the collection or use of individuals' personal information ( . To stay connected with customers, for example, businesses may:

Marketing technologies and ways to digitally connect with potential customers are constantly evolving. Companies must pay close attention to the laws governing the collection and use of personal information. This includes understanding exactly how personal information may or may not be used to support marketing operations, enforcing unsolicited marketing contact limitations, and ensuring that privacy notices reflect operational realities and are continuously kept up to date.

This Toolkit provides resources to help counsel identify, manage, and mitigate a company's privacy legal risks associated with marketing operations, including the use of websites, email, mobile applications, and other online technologies.


Marketing Privacy Compliance


Internet Privacy Compliance


Children's Privacy


Mobile Application Privacy


Cross-Border Resources

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