Privacy Compliance and Policies Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel in creating, implementing, and reviewing privacy compliance and information management programs and for drafting effective privacy and data security policies.

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Companies collect and store more data than ever. This trend of exponential growth, fueled by cloud computing advances, falling digital storage prices, and the increasing number of handheld devices and internet-connected sensors, shows no signs of slowing down.

When the collected data contains personal information ( or can be combined in ways that potentially identify unique individuals, companies must consider the impacts of different privacy and data security laws governing its collection, use, transfer, and disposal. Significant adverse consequences can arise if companies handling personal information:

  • Fail to adequately protect it.

  • Improperly use, share, or transfer it.

  • Acquire it without providing adequate notices or, in some cases, obtaining consent.

These risks are compounded when companies operate globally and collect data from jurisdictions with different data protection laws. Effective privacy compliance and information management programs can help minimize these risks, while also allowing companies to leverage the data in new ways.

This Toolkit contains continuously maintained resources that provide practical guidance on establishing and managing privacy compliance and information governance programs and drafting effective privacy and information security policies.


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