Information Security Toolkit

Resources to assist counsel in developing, implementing, and maintaining an information security program. This Toolkit includes resources that explain cybersecurity technology basics, general and sector-specific information security laws and regulations, data security risk assessments, corporate governance issues, and cyber incident and data breach preparation and response.

Practical Law Intellectual Property & Technology

Information security programs protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information technology assets. In addition to growing consumer and market demands, multiple federal and state laws and regulations mandate or at least encourage implementing a robust information security program.

Counsel must understand legal obligations, general practice standards, and technology basics to meet client needs in this rapidly evolving area. Because technology and the cybersecurity threat climate change constantly, organizations and their counsel must maintain their vigilance.

Effective information security programs rely on multiple, coordinated program elements. This Toolkit contains resources that provide practical guidance on developing, implementing, and maintaining an information security program, drafting effective policies, preparing for and responding to cyber incidents, and addressing related legal issues, including risk assessments.


Understanding Cybersecurity Technology Basics


Laws, Regulations, and Standard Practices

Financial Services and Payment Processing

Healthcare and Health Information


Building An Information Security Program and Managing Related Risks

Managing Vendor and Service Provider Risks


Preparing for and Responding to Cyber Incidents and Data Breaches


Corporate Governance

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