Enforcing or Challenging Arbitration Awards in the US Toolkit

A Toolkit of resources to help counsel enforce or challenge arbitration awards in US federal and state courts. This Toolkit includes resources that explain how to confirm, vacate, modify, and correct arbitration awards.

The winning party in an arbitration ( www.practicallaw.com/4-107-6426) may need to move to confirm an arbitration award in state or federal court to enforce the award if the losing party fails to pay or comply with the award voluntarily. Conversely, the losing party in an arbitration may want to challenge the award in court by seeking to vacate or modify the arbitration award. If an arbitration award contains a computational or ministerial error not affecting the merits of the award, some or all parties may need to file a motion with the court to correct the award.

This Toolkit contains resources explaining how to enforce or challenge an arbitration award in US federal court under the Federal Arbitration Act ( www.practicallaw.com/6-501-6615) and in US state court, including how to:

  • Confirm an arbitration award.

  • Vacate an arbitration award.

  • Modify an arbitration award.

  • Correct an arbitration award.


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