Retail Industry Bankruptcies Toolkit

Resources addressing strategies, challenges, and in-depth analysis of issues involving the representation of debtors and creditors in retail business bankruptcy proceedings.

Practical Law Bankruptcy

Shifts in consumer shopping habits and the continued growth of e-commerce have left retail chains financially unstable, forcing many brick-and-mortar retail chains to file for bankruptcy to restructure or close their doors. Due to market factors and certain Bankruptcy Code ( provisions and requirements, retail debtors and creditors face challenges that are unique to retail Chapter 11 ( proceedings, including:

Experts continue to believe that the retail industry will continue to accumulate substantial financial losses because of:

  • Changing market trends.

  • Shifting consumer sales from traditional retailers to a proliferation of online resellers.

  • Increased competition from other full-line and specialty retailers.

These elements will likely lead more retailers to seek Chapter 11 relief to liquidate, reorganize ( , or sell their assets through a section 363 sale ( .

This Toolkit contains continuously maintained practice notes, standard clauses, standard documents, checklists, and toolkits to help debtors and creditors develop strategies both before and during a retail business's bankruptcy proceedings.


Practice Notes






Standard Documents and Clauses

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