Energy Industry Bankruptcies Toolkit

Resources providing guidance to debtors, creditors, and their counsel in energy restructurings and addressing the multitude of strategies, challenges, and issues involved in energy company bankruptcy cases.

Practical Law Bankruptcy

A variety of factors have made it difficult for companies in the oil, gas, and coal industries to stay afloat in recent years. In particular, oil and natural gas prices have plummeted, primarily due to increased supply and declining demand. Aside from the macroeconomic pressures, oil, gas, and other energy producing companies also suffer from significant debt obligations, environmental obligations, and in some instances, legacy liabilities owed to current and former employees. Due to the confluence of these factors, energy restructurings are on the rise.

Debtors and creditors involved in Chapter 11 ( proceedings in the energy industry face unique challenges that include:

The energy industry consists of a variety of distinct sectors, including:

  • Oil and gas.

  • Renewable energy.

  • Utility providers.

  • Natural gas.

  • Coal.

Each energy sector has its own particular legal challenges. This Toolkit provides resources that cover topics, including:

  • General energy industry and environmental laws.

  • Recent transactions within the energy industry.

  • General bankruptcy matters.

  • Bankruptcy matters specific to the energy industry.

This Toolkit contains continuously maintained practice notes, standard documents, checklists, country Q&A, and articles to help debtors and creditors develop strategies to protect their interests throughout an energy company's bankruptcy proceedings.


Industry and Environmental Laws

Practice Notes


Country Q&A


Standard Documents


Recent Transactions Within the Energy Industry



General Bankruptcy

Practice Notes



Bankruptcy Matters Within the Energy Sector

Practice Notes

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